Woodburning and Solid Fuel Fireplaces
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Do I need a chimney liner?

For a fee of £50.00 we open up your chimney and place smoke pellets inside the chimney, completely check the chimney stack from the base to the termination point; We let the customer know at this stage if a liner is required.

How do I know my chimney is sound?

The lit smoke pellets placed in the chimney will find any small gap or opening which will leave the customer in no doubt.

Can you do the whole job including the plasterwork?

Yes. There will usually be two engineers. We do all the labouring work, plasterwork, lintel work and building work etc

Do I need an airvent?

Generally any stove above 5kw will require an airvent.  Customers usually do not like an airvent due to the cold air produced from them but obviously an open fire requires oxygen. This is why the airvent is required above 5kw.

How big a stove do I need?

The size of the stove is usually calculated by the size of room. Stoves these days are quite controllable. Just because a stove may be 10kw doesnt mean it always produces 10kw. It can be restricted down just the same as any gas fire.

What is a multifuel stove?

A Multi-fuel stove literally means multi-fuel which represents wood, coal, anthracite etc. A Log Burner means logs ONLY.

What if I live in a smokeless zone?

Areas that are smokeless zones are usually built-up areas. This can be counteracted by using smokeless fuels.